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Ten amazing weeks culminated in a frenzy of deadlines as my internship at Janagraha came to an end. It was a fabulous experience, and one that I am truly grateful for. I worked with such an awesome group of people who offered not only support and friendship but the creative, collaborative work environment I was looking for.

It was a valuable opportunity and not wasted on me. I had pretty specific goals for this break from a work environment back home I have been in for seven years. I really needed a new perspective and it delivered in every way. The variety of design projects and a new dynamic definitely broadened my experience, skill set and confidence as a designer and communications professional, as well as re-invigorated my passion and purpose for my work back in Australia.

I was sad to say goodbye to ‘my team’ and the projects I left behind but there’s no doubt I left feeling satisfied with the work I did, in respect to what I contributed to the organisation and what I was able to take away.

As a parting gift my thoughtful team gave me a framed picture of the group of us sitting up on the rooftop of our office building, where we often went for tiny cups of sweet tea and coffee. It is funny the tiny moments, smells, tastes that stay with you when you leave a place and time – sitting on those steps with my Indian friends is one of those moments I know I will always feel like ‘it was just yesterday’.

When I’m connected again I will feature some of the work I produced for Janaagraha.

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