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Ranthambore! Come on and Tiger Safari with me! (Sorry irrelevant Beach Boys reference).

Visiting Ranthambore, the largest national park in Rajasthan and a protected Tiger Reserve, was a lot of fun that involved our group piling in a jeep, waiting in queue outside the gates til the appointed time, then roaring inside hoping to be the first to find the tigers!

There are only about 30 adult tigers in the park so luck has a lot to do with whether you get the chance to see one. You can’t get too close, though the jeep driver all keep an eye on each other and when one is seen to stop and stay in one place for too long all the other jeeps start roaring towards them. That was a bit of a worry to me… shouldn’t we try to be a bit more inconspicuous? But I can’t complain too much as that is how we managed to see one pretty close up! We saw another jeep parked still with all the occupants pointing their cameras in the same direction – our driver sped over to where it was and there was a beautiful tiger just mosey-ing around by the river.

We also spotted one ourselves – it was further away, but I enjoyed watching it more as I didn’t feel like we were intrusive. It just wandered around on the slope, slowly moving out of view.

The tigers were not the only beauties in the park – we saw lots of the other residents too:

And look at this sun! Is it particularly ginormous? Hmmm… maybe just extra glow-y.

It was a really enjoyable, extremely bumpy ride – highly recommended!

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