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Back on the train we go, this time heading to a small town called Bassi. Waiting for a train no matter where you are in the world always presents a unique display of local life, India definitely offers some of the more fascinating displays I’ve seen. Here a colourful sight walks down the platform towards us:


I don’t know where this monkey is going but he is waiting just as patiently for the train as us:

Once we got to Bassi we stocked up on water (and chocolate ahem) and then rode in open jeeps to Bijaipur. As much as a I think pink buses are an excellent idea I am sorta glad we weren’t on this one where there was sitting room on the roof only. Lucky the Indian family behind it have their own family vehicle.

Our accommodation in Bijaipur was none other than Bijaipur Castle! Less Disney and more Tree of Life, it was pretty cool! Here is the entry to my room and my cosy window seat where I admit I whiled away a few hours of my stay reading.

I. Want. One.

I did ensure to move around a bit and spend some time reading from the swing-y chair. and the balcony day bed in the sun. I think I read two books in two days here – heaven.

I wandered around the castle on exploring missions too – the rooftop was beautiful! A bit too hot to read up here though (this white stone so popular here gets absolutely scorching to stand on!)

And I got henna-ed! A must do in India, even though I am quite familiar with the process having done a lot of henna-ing on myself at home, it was nice to have the authentic experience.

In the afternoon we went for a village tour and met lots of the locals – look at these cuties:

All the dogs have the same nap time I think. It appears to span most of the day.

We bumped into a group of beautifully dressed women, amongst them a young bride on her way to her wedding – she is in red below.

The locals are happy to pose for photos – though they must think we’re strange for finding their everyday life so picture worthy.

We toured the farm and fields, saw where they hold their town meetings. Living in Sydney is so far removed from this way of life, where community is everything and everyone relies on each other.

And to end with something pretty… just coz it’s pretty:

The pretty town of Bundi was a visual treat to wander around – so many picture perfect moments around every corner. We visited Bundi Palace, built between the 16th and 17th centuries and featuring beautiful romantic courtyards, scalloped walls and even a hot tub :-) Prepare for a post of photos photos photos – they speak for themselves!

Look at this pretty courtyard – so romantic, I want to float around here all day.

Hot tub fun!

Another picture perfect moment captured at just the right moment:

Oh monkey monkey, you’re the boss huh?

Casual retail:

Look at this groovy party cart – do they bring this out for town parties? Pump the bollywood out?

Sigh – A woman walking down the street carrying something would not be this visually appealing in Australia. Indian women have style.

What a laid back and beautiful small town!

Ranthambore! Come on and Tiger Safari with me! (Sorry irrelevant Beach Boys reference).

Visiting Ranthambore, the largest national park in Rajasthan and a protected Tiger Reserve, was a lot of fun that involved our group piling in a jeep, waiting in queue outside the gates til the appointed time, then roaring inside hoping to be the first to find the tigers!

There are only about 30 adult tigers in the park so luck has a lot to do with whether you get the chance to see one. You can’t get too close, though the jeep driver all keep an eye on each other and when one is seen to stop and stay in one place for too long all the other jeeps start roaring towards them. That was a bit of a worry to me… shouldn’t we try to be a bit more inconspicuous? But I can’t complain too much as that is how we managed to see one pretty close up! We saw another jeep parked still with all the occupants pointing their cameras in the same direction – our driver sped over to where it was and there was a beautiful tiger just mosey-ing around by the river.

We also spotted one ourselves – it was further away, but I enjoyed watching it more as I didn’t feel like we were intrusive. It just wandered around on the slope, slowly moving out of view.

The tigers were not the only beauties in the park – we saw lots of the other residents too:

And look at this sun! Is it particularly ginormous? Hmmm… maybe just extra glow-y.

It was a really enjoyable, extremely bumpy ride – highly recommended!