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Today’s exciting excursion was to Fårö island which was truly spectacular on the eyeballs – I have too many photos to share, this post is more of a visual diary entry.

But first of all – the beach yesterday; my feet got burnt. Weird, the sun conscious, UV-paranoid Australian got burnt. I was a bit delayed in getting my sunscreen on as the sun didn’t feel as harsh as ours… but anyway. Ouchies. Good thing I don’t need to wear any real shoes for awhile.

Moving on to the good stuff. We got the car ferry from the Gotland mainland to Fårö and then hit the road – but not for long, we stopped pretty much every 15 minutes for the whole day it felt like, we probably didn’t, I was a backseat tourist staring out the window enjoying the view.

Fårö is famous for the stone structures called ‘rauks’ scattered all around the coastline. I should really say sculptures, not structures, because they are really beautiful and expressionistic. I snapped aplenty, my fave photos are the ones that contrast our people shapes against the starkness of the white rocks.

I call this elephant rauk:

I like to call this one ‘Lady Wearing a Top-Knot’… am I right?

We stopped at a groovy cafe that had lots of old trucks in the yard at the front, broken down, rusty old things communing with nature.

We found some giant concrete feet. Yikes.

What the. Purple flowers on a pebble beach. So awesome!

Wild berries, warm in the sun, and delicious. We just picked them straight from their bushes by the side of the road (I hope no-one walks their dogs round here).

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