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Broadening the Scope

December 19, 2013 Life

Sun Gazing

I’ve really enjoyed recording all my travels here on my blog, it seems such a shame when I am home and the writing has to stop. I was talking to my friend about this and how I wish I could write more often but that the things I would write about are at odds with the themes on my travel blog and on my business blog. He pointed out that lots of successful blogs feature a mishmash of content, that the diversity of throwing in a bit of the personal stuff keeps the human element alive and is quite appealing. He was referring to IT blogs he visits when looking for solutions to technical problems and then ends up clicking on unrelated topics out of curiosity to get to know the blogger.

Well I can do that here can’t I?

If posts are tagged accordingly and content can be filtered by interest then it shouldn’t inconvenience anyone, right?

And really, why do I write? Honestly, it’s for me. Writing is so therapeutic, plus I like creating a record of my life I can browse back through. I don’t think I actually even have any readers. I’m really just talking to myself. So on that note, I’ve thought about it, and have decided to diversify the content here at Along the Away to encompass travel and personal themes. I will strip my business blog back to purely client and design showcases. I feel comfortable with this (for the moment).

So the horizons will be broadened here as I write when I feel like it about anything that takes my fancy. It will be an experiment – we will see!

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