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Start of a New Year

December 28, 2013 Life

2014 Themes - Along the Away

My heart is hoping 2014 will be a super joyful and engaging year. Which means throwing every intention towards this goal, because I really need it to work out.

Because 2013 was a hard year.

A challenging, rewarding, productive, heartbreaking and brutal year. Work was intense; turbo-charged deadlines, epic juggling of responsibilities, a workload that burst the seams of that once 40-hour week, and the challenge of doubling my team and trying to be the leader I aspire to be whilst short on time, energy and resources. I learnt so much, we achieved so much, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, but holy moly did it take its toll. Amidst all that were family commitments and worry and heartache for my little sister who battled the worst health challenges of her life this year. Then to see her health continue to deteriorate, pain every day, no end in sight. It is so personally destructive to stand powerlessly by while a vulnerable, dependant loved one suffers.

The year gave me the weirdest sensation of two parts of myself being dragged far apart. As I poured so much of myself into my work in a surge of professional growth and success, I was simultaneously being dragged back by the anchor of family tragedy. And now I feel off kilter; out of alignment. A bit battered and bruised, but with a core of new strength and a glimmer of clarity. When you battle through something you build muscle that makes you stronger. I have some shedding to do, but I think I can emerge from this OK. More than OK – 2014 is going to be a super joyful and engaging year.

But I’m going to need hard core intention and a strategy for action.

Which brings me to my new years resolutions for 2014. I’m going to play to my professional strengths and plan like a pro. I intend to set some measurable challenges for myself this year, because frankly, a list with little tick boxes next to them definitely works for me.

My New Years resolutions compose of 7 themes and 5 challenges.


  • Read (indulge my purest form of R&R, open my mind and learn)
  • Write (create time for a passion that gives me so much peace, clarity and inspiration)
  • Move (increase my fitness and energy levels)
  • Create (just for fun, just for me)
  • Smile (have more fun and choose joy)
  • Connect (with people, with community, with nature)
  • Explore (the world around me)

Aside from living this year with these themes front and center in my mind, there are some challenges I’m setting myself to ensure the themes carry weight and consideration well into the year. A reminder to keep bringing my intentions back to them.


  • Walk all 37 walks in the Coastal Walks Sydney book (Move, Explore, Connect)
  • Visit 40 of the bars listed in Time Out’s 100 Best Sydney Bars list in their 2014 Bar Guide (Smile, Connect, Explore)
  • Sew/create 20 DIY projects (Smile, Create)
  • Read all books I own that I have not read/finished reading – I moved all these books to my bedside, I am mortified to reveal there are at least 66 of them! (Read, Connect)
  • Blog my progress on the first three challenges – this means a commitment of 97 blog articles for the year (Write, Connect)
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