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Following the beautiful walk we did yesterday, we were up even earlier on the second of our three day visit to the Blue Mountains to explore some more of the Valley of the Waters area.

Blue Mountains National Park

We started again from the Conservation Hut and walked the Nature Track. The signs and online resources estimated the walk would take 1 3/4 hours to 2 hours; in reality it only took us 1 1/4 hours and that was with lots of stops along the way to appreciate the view, take photos and take the time to sit in the presence of beauty (of course!).

The track was really easy to follow and well maintained, steep in places (particularly the walk back out) but again there were staircases and step supports to make it easier.

Blue Mountains National Park, Nature Track

There is so much to stop and marvel at, always with the stunning hazy blue mountains in the background.

This rocky outcrop was a treat, it is called Edinburgh Castle Rock but the swirly rock patterns on the rocks made me think of the ocean.

Blue Mountains National Park, Rock formation

Blue Mountains National Park, Rock formation

Blue Mountains National Park, Rock formation

When you’re walking down in the valley your eyes gravitate up to the mountains. It’s cool to look down when you’re at the top and see the tree canopy below is just as beautiful a sight, just look at the mottled mix of greens, oranges and browns.

Blue Mountains Nation Park

Around every corner is a surprise, this platform offered an opportunity to step out and feel the wide open space.

And be all “I love you nature! Let me hug you!”

Blue Mountains National Park, nature hug

Following the track down quite a way we reached the bottom, a beautiful mossy little gully call Lillian’s Glen.

Blue Mountains National Park, Lillians Glen

Blue Mountains National Park, Lillians Glen

Blue Mountains National Park, Lillians Glen

And what’s that hidden between the trees? Hello little waterfall!

Nature Track, hidden waterfall

Which turned out not to be so little – what a magical find! We sat here for awhile in the cool misty air, the energy of the water surrounding us, it felt mystical.

Nature Track, hidden waterfall

Nature Track, picnic spot

My sister turned into a little tree monkey for a second :-)

Nature Track, picnic spot

Then the climb back out began – phew! It’s hard work. The talking soon stopped between us, the deep breathing began, the increasingly frequent stops ‘just to take a look’ (yeah right!)

But every climb has it’s view (that’s the point right?)

And this one was Queen Victoria Lookout – breathtaking!

Blue Mountains National Park, Queen Victoria Lookout

All good mountains have ice cream at the top of them too…. Our well deserved treat at the Conservation Hut was some delicious Serendipity Ice Cream. In honour of our surroundings I chose two Aussie bush flavours – Macadamia and Quandong (wild peach). Delicious!

Valley of the Waters, Conservation Hut Ice Cream

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