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The drive from Omarama towards Lake Tekapo was really beautiful – some of my fave photos from the trip were taken then, either standing on the side of the road by the bus, or from my prime position for the drive – in the front seat!

2014 New Zealand (3355)

2014 New Zealand (3428)

Early mornings sure are my fave.

2014 New Zealand (3361)

2014 New Zealand (3363)

2014 New Zealand (3372)

We approached Lake Tekapo and saw it shining a beautiful blue turquoise colour! Even on a cloudy day the colour was so vibrant, it comes from the sediment of fine rock ground up by the glaciers.

2014 New Zealand (3375)

Sitting pretty by the lake is another of New Zealand’s most well known sites – the Church of the Good Shepherd. What a sweet building in an amazing location! It’s a shame there are so many people around (haha, darn tourists) as it’s hard to get a clear shot, but even the crowds don’t detract from the calm and peaceful vibe.

2014 New Zealand (3380)

2014 New Zealand (3384)

The water is stunning, something right off the front of a postcard – oh wait, this spot is definitely on a postcard!

2014 New Zealand (3389)

2014 New Zealand (3390)

Across the lake we could see rain clouds teeming with a downpour… ahhh nature! You are really something!!

2014 New Zealand (3409)

2014 New Zealand (3414)

2014 New Zealand (3502)

The lakeside reminded me of places I’ve been in England, such as around the Cornwall area. With the cloudy sky, the chilly bite in the air, and the wind whipping my hair and causing my eyes to stream (look how bloodshot they are, I’m squinting to keep them open!) So different to beaches at home in Sydney, but beautiful in its own way.

2014 New Zealand (3406)

It was a great spot to work my photographer magic (haha, well I try). My friend Susie got a shot of me in concentration trying to get a level shot of the lake.

A short walk along the lake away from the church is a bronze statue of a Border Collie dog, it was erected in the 60s in honour of the working dogs in the sheep industry in the area.

2014 New Zealand (3427)

Seeing as we were in the heart of New Zealand’s sheep farming land (yeah I thought that was all of NZ too!) we then went to visit a sheep farm.

It was a wonderful opportunity to see a working farm – the sheep are cute, but so are the Border Collie dogs who totally run the show. The farmer gave the dog an order and off he went to round up the sheep, who came trotting home from behind the hill.

2014 New Zealand (3437)

And into the corner just as they were told to.

2014 New Zealand (3439)

2014 New Zealand (3476)

I love them, they’re so docile and sweet.

2014 New Zealand (3452)

2014 New Zealand (3466)

The farmer rewarded them with some milk, this guy was trying hard to get every last little drip.

2014 New Zealand (3483)

And then off he trotted, back to graze in paradise.

2014 New Zealand (3489)

From here we continued on the last leg of the bus trip, crossing the Canterbury Plains back to Christchurch.

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