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February 10, 2011 Four Months in India, Travel

Tomorrow afternoon I will be boarding a flight in Sydney bound for Bangalore, where I will kick off the first of 119 days, or 17 weeks, in the land of India. The excitement and anticipation is mounting as I make the last few preparations in a frantic rush to the finish line of an absolutely crazy, chaotic twelve months!

Landing an internship on Youth Challenge Australia’s India project around the same time as launching my design business and taking on a significantly time intensive web project at my full time job in January 2010 set me on course for the craziest year of my live – I did survive, I learnt heaps and I admit I’m glad to be leaving it all behind me for four months as I take some time out for a completely different experience.

My trip is broken into two parts – a ten week volunteer internship at the Janaagraha organisation in Bangalore followed by seven weeks travel around India.

I’ve decided to keep a blog while away for myself and for the interest of my friends and family who want to keep track of me. I dedicate the effort of blog keeping to everyone who supported me this past year and didn’t tell me to shut up about it after the first month! My fundraising efforts for the volunteer part of my trip and the extra work I took on to fund four months off work consumed me for much of the year and I appreciate my amazing friends and family who tolerated this temporary version of myself as I worked my way towards my goal.

My blog may also help out other India bound travellers who are sifting the net trying to find out a bit more about life in India.

Please feel free to comment where you like, it’d be good to know I’m writing to someone other than my future self :)

My other blog – Project Junkie – documents some of the fundraising events and other projects that kept me busy in 2010.

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