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40 Sydney Bars

December 31, 2013 Challenge, Life Comments

Another challenge – but this should not be too much hard work; after all, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to have more fun (and work less). This challenge is certainly aligned with that!

My goal is to visit 40 of the bars listed in Time Out’s 100 Best Sydney Bars & Pubs in their 2014 Bar Guide. This challenge is aligned with my goals to spend more time with friends, work less and have more fun and explore more of greater Sydney.

I’m actually not a big drinker to be honest, but I really like the cosy, quirky small bar scene that’s in swing at the moment.

The full list with write-ups can be found on Time Out’s website; here’s the whole list in order including the change in rank from last year.

The sunshine coloured text indicates bars I have already been to; as my goal is to visit new places I will update my progress as the year goes on – these bar visits will be marked in coral text.

Time Out Sydney Bar Guide: Sydney’s 100 best Bars & Pubs 2014

01 Bulletin Place [new]
02 Baxter Inn [-1]
03 Earl’s Juke Joint [new]
04 Lobo Plantation [new]
05 Monopole [new]
06 Eau de Vie [+1]
07 Mary’s [new]
08 Love Tilly Devine [-3]
09 10 William Street [+6]
10 Shady Pines Saloon [-6]
11 Tio’s [-5]
12 Rockpool Bar [-2]
13 121 BC [-5]
14 Gardel’s Bar [-8]
15 Palmer and Co [-9]
16 The Wild Rover [new]
17 The Roosevelt [-1]
18 Wine Library [-15]
19 Sokyo Lounge [new]
20 The Hazy Rose [-8]
21 Frankies [new]
22 Black Bar [-2]
23 Arcadia [-6]
24 Vasco [new]
25 Grandma’s [-6]
26 Local Taphouse [+9]
27 Victoria Room [-16]
28 The Barber Shop [new]
29 Neighbourhood [new]
30 Bottleneck Bar [new]
31 Hinky Dinks [-17]
32 Low 302 [-14]
33 Button [-5]
34 Grain Bar [new]
35 Assembly [+24]
36 Anchor [-9]
37 The Union Hotel [new]
38 Midnight Special [-17]
39 Longrain [-16]
40 Mojo Record Bar [-18]
41 Gilt [new]
42 Stitch [-16]
43 Icebergs [-14]
44 DeVine [-13]
45 Island Bar [new]
46 Hemmesphere [-8]
47 The Little Guy [-15]
48 The Morrison [new]
49 Hello Sailor [new]
50 The Henson [new]
51 Commons [-7]
52 Tapavino [new]
53 Pocket [same]
54 Corner House [-12]
55 Ivy [-12]
56 Courthouse Hotel [+1]
57 Abercrombie [-21]
58 Play Bar [new]
59 Miss Peaches [new]
60 Cricketers Arms [+1]
61 Panama House [new]
62 Four In Hand Hotel [-38]
63 Miss Marley’s Tequila Bar [-9]
64 Australian Heritage Hotel [+7]
65 Café Lounge [-25]
66 Foley Lane [+10]
67 Riverview Hotel [-1]
68 Darlo Bar [+11]
69 Zeta Bar [+4]
70 Hemingway’s [new]
71 White Hart [-22]
72 Hero of Waterloo [-25]
73 Bar Racuda [new]
74 Shakespeare [-33]
75 Old Fitzroy [-17]
76 The Dock [-30]
77 Tokonoma [-25]
78 Manly Wine [-30]
79 Lord Nelson [+19]
80 Foxtrot [new]
81 Norfolk [+5]
82 Opera Bar [-5]
83 Beresford [same]
84 Lord Dudley [+6]
85 Establishment [-23]
86 Firefly [-19]
87 Shop and Wine Bar [-17]
88 The Stuffed Beaver [-25]
89 The Rook [new]
90 Jimmy Liks [+6]
91 Winery by Gazebo [same]
92 Lodge Wine Bar [same]
93 Marble Bar [+4]
94 Flinders Hotel [-1]
95 Friend in Hand [-8]
96 Grasshopper [re-entry]
97 Crane Bar [new]
98 Timbah [-23]
99 The Vic [new]
100 Hotel Hollywood [-35]

Bring on the bar hopping!

37 Coastal Walks

December 30, 2013 Challenge, Life Comments

I have set myself the challenge to walk all 37 walks in the Coastal Walks Sydney book in 2014; a challenge aligned with goals I have to improve my fitness, explore more of the greater Sydney area and spend more time out in nature (tick; tick; tick!)

Here are the 37 walks in the book, I’ll update the list as I tick them off:

# Walk Name Length Time Completed
1 Patonga to Pearl Beach 6 km 2.5 hrs
2 West Head to Resolute Beach 3 km 1 hr
3 Elvina Bay 6 km 2.5 hrs
4 Barrenjoey Head 3.5 km 1.5 hrs
5 Palm Beach to Avalon 7 km 3 hrs
6 Avalon to Narrabeen 11 km 4 hrs
7 Collaroy to Manly 11.5 km 4 hrs 15-08-2015
8 Manly to North Head 9 km 3.5 hrs
9 Spit Bridge to Manly 10 km 3.5 hrs 13-08-2015
10 Harold Reid Reserve 5 km 2 hrs 18-01-2014
11 Two Creeks Track 6 km 2.5 hrs
12 Flat Rock and Magazine Tracks 9.5 km 3.5 hrs 03-10-2015
13 Bantry Bay 7 km 3 hrs
14 Cremorne Point 3 km 1 hr 26-01-2014
15 Mosman to Taronga Zoo 2 km 1 hr 18-04-2014
16 Taronga Zoo to Balmoral 6.5 km 3 hrs 16-08-2015
17 Circular Quay to Lavender Bay 4 km 1.5 hr
18 McMahons Point to Waverton 3 km 1 hr 14-05-2014
19 Balls Head and Berry Island 7 km 2.5 hrs
20 Circular Quay to Botanic Gardens 5 km 2 hrs
21 Circular Quay to Darling Harbour & Pyrmont 6 km 2 hrs
22 Anzac Bridge, Rozelle & Blackwattle Bays 5 km 2 hrs
23 Balmain to Birchgrove 8 km 3 hrs
24 The Iron Cove Bay Run 7 km 2 hrs
25 Hen & Chicken Bay 9 km 3 hrs
26 Hunters Hill and Woolwich 5 km 2 hrs
27 Greenwich 2.5 km 1 hr 13-01-2014
28 Double Bay to Rose Bay 4 km 1.5 hrs
29 Hermitage Foreshore to Vaucluse 5 km 2 hrs
30 Watsons Bay to South Head 2.45 km 1 hr
31 The Gap to Dover Heights 5 km 2 hrs
32 Bondi to Coogee 6 km 2.5 hrs
33 Coogee to Maroubra 5 km 2 hrs
34 Maroubra to La Perouse 10.5 km 4 hrs 22-08-2015
35 Cape Baily, Botany Bay 8 km 3 hrs
36 Bundeena to Jibbon Head 5 km 2 hrs
37 Bundeena to Marley Beach 10 km 3.5 hrs

I would love to share my progress as I tick them off so stay tuned.

Sydney Coastal Walks Map

Start of a New Year

December 28, 2013 Life Comments

2014 Themes - Along the Away

My heart is hoping 2014 will be a super joyful and engaging year. Which means throwing every intention towards this goal, because I really need it to work out.

Because 2013 was a hard year.

A challenging, rewarding, productive, heartbreaking and brutal year. Work was intense; turbo-charged deadlines, epic juggling of responsibilities, a workload that burst the seams of that once 40-hour week, and the challenge of doubling my team and trying to be the leader I aspire to be whilst short on time, energy and resources. I learnt so much, we achieved so much, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, but holy moly did it take its toll. Amidst all that were family commitments and worry and heartache for my little sister who battled the worst health challenges of her life this year. Then to see her health continue to deteriorate, pain every day, no end in sight. It is so personally destructive to stand powerlessly by while a vulnerable, dependant loved one suffers.

The year gave me the weirdest sensation of two parts of myself being dragged far apart. As I poured so much of myself into my work in a surge of professional growth and success, I was simultaneously being dragged back by the anchor of family tragedy. And now I feel off kilter; out of alignment. A bit battered and bruised, but with a core of new strength and a glimmer of clarity. When you battle through something you build muscle that makes you stronger. I have some shedding to do, but I think I can emerge from this OK. More than OK – 2014 is going to be a super joyful and engaging year.

But I’m going to need hard core intention and a strategy for action.

Which brings me to my new years resolutions for 2014. I’m going to play to my professional strengths and plan like a pro. I intend to set some measurable challenges for myself this year, because frankly, a list with little tick boxes next to them definitely works for me.

My New Years resolutions compose of 7 themes and 5 challenges.


  • Read (indulge my purest form of R&R, open my mind and learn)
  • Write (create time for a passion that gives me so much peace, clarity and inspiration)
  • Move (increase my fitness and energy levels)
  • Create (just for fun, just for me)
  • Smile (have more fun and choose joy)
  • Connect (with people, with community, with nature)
  • Explore (the world around me)

Aside from living this year with these themes front and center in my mind, there are some challenges I’m setting myself to ensure the themes carry weight and consideration well into the year. A reminder to keep bringing my intentions back to them.


  • Walk all 37 walks in the Coastal Walks Sydney book (Move, Explore, Connect)
  • Visit 40 of the bars listed in Time Out’s 100 Best Sydney Bars list in their 2014 Bar Guide (Smile, Connect, Explore)
  • Sew/create 20 DIY projects (Smile, Create)
  • Read all books I own that I have not read/finished reading – I moved all these books to my bedside, I am mortified to reveal there are at least 66 of them! (Read, Connect)
  • Blog my progress on the first three challenges – this means a commitment of 97 blog articles for the year (Write, Connect)

Broadening the Scope

December 19, 2013 Life Comments

Sun Gazing

I’ve really enjoyed recording all my travels here on my blog, it seems such a shame when I am home and the writing has to stop. I was talking to my friend about this and how I wish I could write more often but that the things I would write about are at odds with the themes on my travel blog and on my business blog. He pointed out that lots of successful blogs feature a mishmash of content, that the diversity of throwing in a bit of the personal stuff keeps the human element alive and is quite appealing. He was referring to IT blogs he visits when looking for solutions to technical problems and then ends up clicking on unrelated topics out of curiosity to get to know the blogger.

Well I can do that here can’t I?

If posts are tagged accordingly and content can be filtered by interest then it shouldn’t inconvenience anyone, right?

And really, why do I write? Honestly, it’s for me. Writing is so therapeutic, plus I like creating a record of my life I can browse back through. I don’t think I actually even have any readers. I’m really just talking to myself. So on that note, I’ve thought about it, and have decided to diversify the content here at Along the Away to encompass travel and personal themes. I will strip my business blog back to purely client and design showcases. I feel comfortable with this (for the moment).

So the horizons will be broadened here as I write when I feel like it about anything that takes my fancy. It will be an experiment – we will see!