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I Hold the Whole World in my Heart

September 12, 2012 Life Comments

Today public transport has rocked my world.

A. On the train to the city I overheard two strangers strike up a heart-warming conversation. It wasn’t about anything significant, but they connected, recognised something in the other, shared a laugh. What if we were all capable of that, with everyone, every day?

B. At Central Station I witnessed a young lady stopping to talk to an elderly homeless woman and arranging to buy her some food at the stand next door. She received a beaming smile of gratitude. How many of those do you receive a day?

C. I got on the train at Central to find a greeting card on a seat left by a stranger to a stranger (me!)


As I held it in my hand I felt stillness and peace with a quiet joy bubbling up deep inside me. There are moments when it is possible to feel pure, unconditional love for the entire world and every soul in it.

Thank you Universe, I hear you loud and clear.