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I somewhat expected this, I figured at some point I would be offering an apology for an unintended absence from my own blog. The Indian experience continues, and you’ll still hear about it, it’s just that it’ll come a little delayed due to a seriously hectic final fortnight in Bangalore, a rejuvenating week in Sri Lanka and now life as a backpacker. What can I say? I’m on India time.

I’m now in the second week of the travelling part of my trip, with less than six weeks left before I return to Australia. Holy moly. Time is flying!

For a little atmosphere (to make up for the lack of visuals) picture me right now as I’m typing this on my iPhone, travelling on a non-AC local bus making a five hour trip from Agra to Madhogarh, a rural village in the heart of Rajasthan, on a 43 degree Indian summer day. The sweat is trickling down my back but the hot wind is on my face and the two little Indian girls seated behind me are sneaking opportunities to play with my hair through the gap in the seats (the fascination with ‘lighter’ is rampant in India like elsewhere in Asia). Rural India passes the window, the colourful women in saris, the nonchalent holy cows, the smells, the noise. Like nowhere else…

Because I am now on the road I am not as well equipped as I was previously, having left my laptop in Bangalore to travel as light as possible before I pick it up on my way back home. This means my blog posts will be sadly sans-photos at this point. I hope to post the pics up at a later date though.

I’m now going to play catch up with some of the trips I made before leaving Bangalore, the end of my Janaagraha experience, and the visa registration hell of my final week.

Here we go…

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