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After a few days hanging out in Almhult we travelled to Gothenburg with a couple of friends. I was looking forward to visiting this town as a year before I was considering doing my Masters in a new Business Design Program they have at the University of Gotherburg. Life took a different course with new work opportunities but I had done a lot of Googling about this city so was happy to get to visit.

This was our first road trip with Sverige doing the driving – I like it!

We went to Liseberg Amusement Park which was heaps of fun! Rollercoaster, beer, ferris wheel, ice-cream, rollercoaster. Repeat, repeat.

We also wandered around the city centre, I loved the beautiful stoned laneways and all the European stores – eeeey!

We had an awesome lunch in the most charming cafe – The bread! The brie! Why are my highlights always about food?

I was super impressed with the tram we travelled on – we paid for our tickets by mobile phone text message while at the tram stop! Sydney is so behind in respect to transport innovation… :-/

We went out for drinks and dinner, went to the movies, lots of holiday meandering. Gothenberg was really cool!

Once back home in Almhult we spent more days hanging out, with friends dropping in and out, lots of walks with Göran, plenty of fika, BBQs and junk food. We played video games and watched movies. Talked and talked, practiced my Swedish (Tack! Fän! Helvete! Bra!) and read and relaxed.

Then we packed to go on our summer holiday to Gotland! Here is what a pug’s face looks like when he is saying ‘I do think I would fit in your bag!!’ (Sorry Göran, Sverige’s packing too many shoes, no room for you.)

Wait til you see Gotland’s photos! Coming soon!

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