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This very yummy Swedish dish may sound a bit odd at first to us non-Swedish people, but it all makes sense once you have tried some – it’s delicious!

When my Sverige was living in Sydney she made reference to a Swedish Sandwich Cake a few times – at first I figured it was a lost in translation term (like when she insisted that her parents live in a tree house – later understood to be a wooden house). I thought maybe it was a sponge cake, sandwiched with some jam and cream, you know, normal like.

But then on her last days before she was going home to Sweden she grew increasingly excited about her mum making her a sandwich cake for her homecoming – and then I found out it really is a sandwich cake. Like, a sandwich, pretending to be a cake. With tuna and prawns. Sounded like a recipe for disaster.

And then after Sverige left us my housemates and I tried making one for our Halloween party. We made it in the shape of a snake, which just made a wrong thing even wronger. It was disgusting.

And now, on my last night visiting with my friend we decided to make one! Here is how it goes:

Firstly everyone must put on a floral apron. Just kidding, not everyone, just the workers – the pug is in charge, he does not need one.

Then you follow this picture tutorial on assembling the cake:

Finally it undergoes the pug inspection:

And it passed! Mmmmm yummy!!

I wish I could make it again at home in Sydney but I fear it’s not possible without the magic of being in Sweden. And I have no pug to supervise me…

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