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This striking round tower is called Rundetårn. It was built between 1637 and 1642 – wowsers.  Hans Christian Andersen, amongst many other famous names, studied in the Library here! From somewhere in my research: ‘Waste from the privy ran down into a large bricked-up container (the latrine pit), but despite experiments with open windows and double doors, the stench up in the Tower was almost overpowering. Water closets were installed in 1902 but the pit was not emptied until 1921, when nine truckloads of muck were shipped off.’ Ewww!

The inside is built like a corkscrew – quite an amazing story behind it – there is more info plus some funny tales on the website, where I ‘borrowed’ this picture of the unique inside. The 209 m spiral ramp winds itself 7.5 times round the hollow core of the tower, forming the only connection between the individual parts of the building complex.

The angles of the structures are breathtaking inside, especially under the influence of the light.

The top is 34.8 m above the street so of course the view is well worth the walk all the way around, around, around to the top. Just love this skyline, love Copenhagen!

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