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June 25, 2012

Hello, I’m Donna; a traveller, dreamer, designer and optimist.

Along the Away…

A life time goal of mine is to explore somewhere new every year and so far I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some wonderful places in the world. I enjoy keeping travel blogs when I’m away because they enrich the experience of absorbing and processing new things whilst creating a record of memories. I wanted to create a space to unite all my tales together, and there you go, a blog is born!

… and Inbetween

When I’m not away, I’m home in gorgeous Sydney, loving my marketing job in public transport and taking on the occasional graphic design project.

I’m a creative dreamer/thinker/doer who loves being absorbed in new projects with big vision. I enjoy nutting out problems in my head and through discussion, brainstorming, strategising, collaborating, writing and designing. I am happily fuelled by group energy and chocolate. On the other hand I’m an introvert who needs to retreat to recharge. I need early morning walks on my own, time to wander and ponder, and I get a bit cagey if my schedule gets too locked down.

I really appreciate the gifts I have been given, such as my health and this beautiful planet we’re lucky to live on. I believe it’s worth the effort to live in harmony and with grace, so please be kind and make your impact a positive one!

Thanks for reading, please say hi :-)

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A traveler, dreamer, designer and optimist sharing all of the above.

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